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MTR-601: Targeting Spasticity to Improve Lives

Our lead therapeutic candidate, MTR-601, represents a potential first-in-class antispastic therapy with a unique mechanism of action that directly targets the contractile protein – myosin 2 – in fast-twitch skeletal muscle. As an oral, selective inhibitor, MTR-601 is designed to offer a non-invasive approach for the treatment of spasticity, targeting fast-twitch muscle fibers with the potential to decrease stiffness and potentially improve physical function.

Spasticity is Pervasive:

It affects over 12 million people worldwide, including approximately 80% of people with cerebral palsy and 80% of those with multiple sclerosis.

Body of Mechanistic Evidence

We are advancing MTR-601 on a robust body of preclinical data that demonstrates initial activity in selectively relaxing fast-twitch skeletal muscle subtypes. In a preclinical model, MTR-601 was also shown to improve gait function in spastic cerebral palsy.

Clinical Entry Planned for 2023

Currently, we are completing a range of Investigational New Drug (IND) enabling studies to generate the safety data that will enable us to begin the first human trials of MTR-601. Our team is acting with urgency to harness the potential of MTR-601 and is preparing an IND submission to enter the clinic in 2023.



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