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Everyday life should not be an endurance test.

At Motric Bio, we’re on a mission to improve the lives of people with muscle spasticity and enable them to gain function and freedom to actively enjoy life.

Motric Bio Mission.jpg
On a Mission

Motric is Latin for “movement,” symbolizing our mission to raise the standard of care in spasticity and improve function in the everyday lives of millions of patients.

On Target

Our unique scientific approach is a step forward in the treatment of chronic spasticity, aiming to make possible direct and selective targeting of fast-twitch skeletal muscle to decrease stiffness and improve function.

On Your Side

We are a dedicated and resilient team, acting with urgency on behalf of patients who deserve a life filled with greater flexibility and less pain.

Putting Function in Reach

Muscle spasticity impacts the self-supporting life management abilities of over 12 million people worldwide. These individuals seek the ability to enjoy daily life functions that some of us take for granted. At Motric Bio, we’re striving to deliver novel therapeutic solutions that address significant unmet medical needs and make everyday a better day for people with spasticity.

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